Call for Applications For Admissions

The University invites applications from interested candidates to enroll for the Bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery Programme (BScNM), Bachelor of Science in Information and Communication Technology (BScICT) and Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery as detailed in the sections below.

Fees & Loans

Tuition fees: K450,000.00 per Semester
Administrative &registration fee: K60,000.00 per Academic Year
Students’ Council fee: K5,000.00 per Academic Year
Medical fee: K21,300.00 per Calendar Year
Accommodation: K20,000.00 per month
Meals: K45,000.00 per month for 3 meals per day


The Chancellor of Daeyang University and Chairman of the Miracle for Africa Foundation, Mr. You Keun Chung, has made available the following scholarship opportunities for exceptional students wishing to study at Daeyang University:

  • applicants who scored 6, 7 and 8 points at MSCE level or its equivalent will be offered 100% scholarship for tuition;
  • applicants who scored 9 and 10 points at MSCE level will be offered 50% scholarship for tuition;
  • applicants who scored 11 and 12 points will be offered 30% scholarship for tuition.

The scholarships are subjected to yearly reviews and shall only available based on the selected student’s academic performance, student discipline and availability of funds

Interpretation of IGCSE Grades

The following is the interpretation of IGCSE results for admission purposes: A*= 1; A = 2; B = 3; C = 5; D = 7; EFG = 8.

  • Candidates who failed to satisfy the admission criteria above in for example; 2014 or 2015 but successfully improved their grades after re-sitting a maximum of four subjects in 2015 or 2016 may use their supplementary statements for purposes of accumulating credits
  • Candidates cannot combine grades from two independent certificates, i.e. for example; candidates were awarded a full certificate in 2014 or 2015 and re-attempted MSCE in 2016 and obtained another full certificate cannot combine grades from the two independent certificates for purposes of accumulating credits


Applicants for all programmes will be required to undergo oral interviews. For BSc Nursing and Midwifery programme, candidates will also be given a written exercise. The date for the interviews will be communicated to the shortlisted candidates. Candidates will meet their own costs for transport, meals and accommodation. Candidates shall also be required to bring writing materials.


The application fee should be paid by depositing the amount of K15,000 into the following bank account:

Name of the Bank : NBS
Account Name : Daeyang University Applications
Account Number : 10202938392
Branch : Lilongwe
Swift code (for international transfers): HSGX32


  • Online Method
  • Use Postal Method, get application form here

For both methods make sure you have:

  1. Deposited Admission application fee of K15,000.00
  2. Nofication of results(Scanned/Photocopied)
  3. Application letter
  4. Deposit slip to prove payment of the application fees